Upholstery can get dirty fast, especially if you have pets or children. Your family likely uses your couch every day while they’re watching TV, taking a nap, or even eating food. With these activities, it’s inevitable that food crumbs, skin particles, grease, and more will end up on the surface of your upholstery and underneath the fabric fibers. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take in order to keep your sofas and couches clean! And of course, it always helps to schedule a professional upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA with Central Valley Carpet Cleaning.

1. Vacuum

Your vacuum is your trusty companion when it comes to keeping your upholstery (and your carpets) clean on a weekly basis. Without having to get into water and cleaning solutions, you can utilize a hand-held or standard vacuum with an attachment to clean the surface of your sofas. If there are any unpleasant odors from pets or otherwise, try sprinkling baking soda over a fabric couch for a few hours and then vacuum the particles up. This is a great way to quickly remove odors, just be cautious using it on microfiber and leather upholstered surfaces.

2. Wash Covers

Fabric couches and other types of upholstery often have covers that you can simply unzip and wash in a washing machine. Washing these covers every season can help keep your sofas looking clean and smelling fresh. But before doing this, check for the specific washing instructions for your couch covers first!

3. Get a Regular Upholstery Cleaning in Fresno, CA

Professional cleaning businesses like ours can help to deep clean, restore, and protect your furniture with upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA. At Central Valley Carpet Cleaning, we take pride in our business and our customers love the many benefits of choosing our business. Not only do we provide safe cleaning solutions and excellent customer service, but we also offer fast dry times, flexible scheduling, and affordable prices.

Book an upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA from Central Valley Carpet Cleaning today! 

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