Although the end of April is right around the corner, you may still have some spring cleaning to finish (or perhaps you’re pushing it off until the last minute)! Spring cleaning is crucial to get your space organized and cleaned and rid your homes of toxins and allergens. Luckily, our team and Central Valley Carpet Cleaning is here to help you out! We’ve put together the best 8 spring cleaning tips that have helped us and our customers clean their homes during this season. Keep reading to learn about our tips!

 1. Use a Cleaning Checklist

Whether it’s your first time tackling spring cleaning or your hundredth, a cleaning checklist is a must! If you don’t know where to start or easily forget to clean places, a checklist is a great way to have everything in one place where you can quickly cross items off a list. With a checklist, you’re reminded to clean forgettable things like vents, window screens, oven racks, range hood air filter, etc. You can create your own list or use one from Pinterest!

 2. Store Your Cleaning Supplies in a Transportable Caddy or Basket

Rather than storing loose cleaning bottles and solutions in a cabinet or beneath your sink, put them in an empty shower caddy or a basket with handles. This way, when it’s time to clean, you can just grab the basket or caddy and get to work without having to lug loose bottles around from room to room — it makes cleaning much more efficient!

 3. Use Microfiber Cloths to Clean

Instead of using paper towels or terry cloths to clean, use microfiber cloths! They are more environmentally sustainable, more effective, and last longer than other cleaning cloths. If you don’t already have microfiber cloths, stop by your local store and pick some up or purchase them online.

4.  Don’t Ignore the Instructions and Safety Warnings on Your Cleaning Products

Before you start cleaning, take a few moments to read the instructions and safety warnings on your cleaning products. Some products may have harsh chemicals that are unsafe for homes with babies or pets, and you may want to opt for safer, family-friendly products.

5. Sanitize and Deodorize Surfaces

Simple sanitizing and deodorizing products are great for when you’re cleaning a small area, but when you’re tackling your entire home, it can be a lot of work. Many homeowners prefer to call in professionals for sanitizing and deodorizing in Fresno because we remove dust, allergens, and bacteria faster and more effectively with our special cleaning solutions and equipment.

6. Use Handy Items Around Your Home to Help You Clean

Handy items around your home like lint rollers, spray bottles, squeegees, and old toothbrushes may be the most overlooked cleaning tools in your home. Here are our favorite uses for these items, but you can get creative with them!

  • Use a lint roller to dust your lampshades or remove pet fur from your curtains and drapery.
  • Use a spray bottle to easily store and apply DIY cleaning solutions.
  • Use the rubber side of a squeegee to remove excess pet fur from your rugs and carpet.
  • Use an old toothbrush to clean the grout in your bathroom or the ridges of your baseboards.

7. Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

At least once a year, you should get a professional carpet cleaning to deep clean your carpet and remove any stains or pet urine that may have accumulated on your carpet. You might as well cross this task off your to-do list while your cleaning everything else in your home! Our carpet cleaning in Fresno at Central Valley Chem-Dry offers fast drying times and affordable prices thanks to our hot water extraction and low moisture carpet cleaning process. The best part is that you can quickly schedule a cleaning appointment online without any hassle!

8. Don’t Forget about the Outside of Your Home

Once the inside of your home is clean, it’s time to take care of your home’s exterior! You can find outdoor cleaning checklists here that give you a good

The Best 8 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

idea of what to clean outside your home during this time. Of course, mowing your lawn, landscaping, and weeding are necessary tasks, but other things like aggregate cleaning, washing your outdoor furniture, and deep cleaning your grill are also important!

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We hope these tips help you in your spring cleaning endeavors and even all year round! Give us a call at (559) 558-6800 or contact us online to book your cleaning appointment or ask us questions. We love to help our customers and would love to hear from you!

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