Now that the kids are back in the classroom, your home is probably quieter – but just as messy from the summer full of late nights and play dates. You are probably itching to start cleaning the house but feel overwhelmed as to where to start. We have a few tips to help you begin and effectively get your house cleaning done!

1. Put all your cleaning supplies in a bucket.

Having all of your supplies in one convenient place makes it a whole lot easier to get jobs done. Thus, eliminating the need to run around the house looking for various supplies like paper towels, gloves, chemicals, or tools. Plus, this makes for an easy grab-and-go for any moments of accidental spills or stains

2. Clear the larger messes first. 

Remove any big obstructions or clutter. This could be the kids’ toys, scattered pillows or blankets, or even back-to-school supplies! Getting rid of these bigger messes will help expedite the cleaning process and make the rest of the job easier!

3. Start from the top moving down.

Starting with the higher places and moving downward will save you from having to reclean the floors or carpets. Cleaning the floors first only creates a clean surface for the rest of the mess to fall on – then – you’re cleaning the floors again. 

4. Clean the whole house, not just one room at a time. 

Pick one task and complete that task throughout the house. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, windows, or bathrooms. Pick one, and finish it throughout the entire home. This will stop you from feeling “burnt-out” after finishing one room. 

5. Let Central Valley Carpet Cleaning take care of your carpets.

Here at Central Valley Carpet Cleaning, we wear many hats. From residential carpet cleaning to commercial upholstery cleaning – we do it all! A lot of the time, your carpets can be the source of bad odors in your home. Vacuuming and odor-releasing powders can help, but ultimately just put a bandaid on the problem. Allow us to serve you and your family by lifting any stains or odors from your carpet! 


Give us a call today to get scheduled for your first cleaning! 

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