We get it, not every business believes they have the budget or time to hire a cleaner for their office. In fact, you may have overlooked the important aspect of keeping your business clean and organized altogether. Often, it’s not until an outspoken client or colleague points out how disheveled and dirty your office is becoming that you realize your business needs professional help getting the mess under control. If it hasn’t come to that point yet, we give you a round of applause for taking a proactive step and reading this blog post. Here are some clear signs that your office is overdue for a professional commercial carpet cleaning in Clovis, CA!

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Your Office Carpet Has Noticeable Traffic Patterns or Stains

Take a thorough look at your office carpet. Be sure to check high traffic areas where your employees or clients gather like the break room or conference room. Are there any stains, spots, or traffic patterns anywhere on the carpet? If so, it’s time to get a commercial carpet cleaning in Clovis, CA. 

Your Employees Have Allergies or Respiratory Issues

Throughout the year, you’ll likely notice employees sneezing or even coughing in your office. While there are many factors that can affect their symptoms, your office carpet could be one of them due to the high amounts of dirt, dust, and other particles it collects. Getting a professional carpet cleaning can help cut down on these contaminants and may keep your employees healthier.

You Don’t Remember the Last Time Your Office Carpet Was Cleaned…

The general rule of thumb is to clean your office carpets every 6 to 12 months depending on how many employees work in your facility and how much foot traffic the space receives. You’d be surprised at how many business owners and office managers don’t remember the last time their carpets were cleaned!

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