Why is my couch so dirty? That’s a question we get a lot! Well, most people typically remember to wipe down their counters, sweep and mop the floors, and clean the bathrooms. However, many people often forget about their couches, even though they sit on them almost every day. There’s a reason why regularly taking care of your furniture and getting an upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA.

Why You Need to Clean Your Couches Regularly

If you have ever noticed the dust that settles onto your shelves, bookcases, and other hard furniture, you should know that the same dust also settles on your couches and other upholstered furniture. It’s just a little harder to see. The soft surfaces in our home, like our upholstery and carpet, actually do a much better job of collecting and holding onto the dust and everything else that is floating around in your air. This is good for your air, but it also means your couches are much dirtier than you would expect.

Your furniture also picks up bacteria, grease, oil, and other particles every day. Think about the amount of time you and your family spend on the couch compared to how often you clean it. As you can imagine you, your kids, and your pets spread all kinds of germs and other contaminants to your furniture every time they sit on it. It’s no wonder why you need a professional upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA to get rid of these potentially harmful particles!

How Frequently Should I Clean My Couches?

How Often You Should Have Your Upholstery Cleaned

First, it’s important to remember that there’s a big difference between regular vacuuming and deep furniture cleaning. Surface cleaning is an important part of a regular home cleaning routine, but your vacuum can’t remove all the particles that have built up in your furniture. In order to get your furniture really clean, you need to get a professional upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA. The biggest risk in your furniture is what you can’t see—bacteria and allergens! Experts recommend getting your couches and other upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year. We recommend getting your furniture cleaned more frequently (2-3 times a year) if you have kids or pets in your home.

You can trust our team at Central Valley Carpet Cleaning for professional upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA. We look forward to helping you keep your upholstery and home clean!

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