Holiday Carpet Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again! Your cobweb decorations have been replaced with twinkling lights, Thanksgiving has just passed, and the Black Friday deals are in full effect. It is officially the gift-giving season! With the season of gifting comes many gatherings, parties, and late nights with friends and family. Whether hosting or attending these events, you want to be in a clean and healthy environment. Nothing will have you more eager to leave than a funny-smelling room. One of the main sources of these odors is the carpet beneath your feet. Luckily, we have the services to help you prepare to host your holiday parties!

Carpet Cleaning

As stated before, your room’s overall scent and odor stem from the fibers of your carpet. Off-the-shelf carpet powders and deodorizers only last so long. However, these may be a quick fix, but they’ll never completely resolve the underlying issue. Carpets can attract and hold onto various forms of debris. Whether dirt, dust, crumbs, etc. – your carpets hold onto it all. While regular vacuuming helps remove surface dirt, it will never be able to penetrate deep into the hard-to-reach debris. Luckily for you, our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning process has proven time and time again to eliminate odors and increase the health of your home! 

Upholstery Cleaning

While the main focus tends to be on your carpets, it is equally as important to clean your comfy sofas and love seats. Whether sitting down to watch the game, chatting with your friends and family, or taking a post-meal nap, you don’t want to lie on a smelly, stain-filled, dirty couch. Your upholstery is just as much a magnet for dirt and debris as your carpets. Lint from clothes, crumbs from food, and especially hair from pets and animals tend to accumulate in these comfy areas. We know how much you enjoy these seats, so we have developed a way of cleaning that reduces the amount of water needed to clean, leading to faster drying times and putting you back on these seats in no time! Our upholstery cleaning service is your best bet in cleaning your upholstery! 

Pet Urine Removal

Lastly, a more specific but just as valuable cleaning is our Pet Urine Removal treatment. Pet urine leaves you with hard-to-remove stains and a tremendous (meaning gross) odor. Don’t subject your guests to your pets’ accidents. You worry about the party planning, and we’ll do the cleaning! 

The holiday season is in full swing, and we are ready to help you prepare for any gatherings you have planned! Give us a call today to get scheduled before we are fully booked!

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