No matter what type of couch, sofa, or ottoman you have in your home, it is bound to get dirty. But, when was the last time you had your upholstery professionally cleaned? Many people forget to clean their furniture even though it can be one of the dirtiest places in the home.

If you think your upholstery is clean because you just vacuumed it a few weeks ago, think again! Keep reading this blog post to learn the importance of getting a professional upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA. 

The Dangers of Dirty Upholstery

Your family likely uses your couch every day while they’re watching TV, taking a nap, or even eating food. With all these activities, it’s inevitable that food crumbs, skin particles, grease, and more will end up on the surface of your upholstery and underneath the fabric fibers. All these things attract bacteria, mites, and other microscopic critters that make themselves welcome in the fibers of your upholstery.

While you might not be able to see these particles on your couch, they can come in contact with your clothing, skin, and more. If you or your pets, children, or other family members are having allergy issues when indoors, your dirty upholstery could be at fault!

How Frequently Should I Get My Upholstery Cleaned?

Every week, you should vacuum your furniture because it does eliminate some of the dirty particles on the surface of your upholstery. But, it’s recommended to get a professional upholstery cleaning in Fresno, CA at a minimum of one to two times per year to remove the dirty particles that are embedded in the fibers of your upholstery.

Not only does professional upholstery cleaning in Fresno get rid of contaminants, but it also makes your furniture look and smell cleaner. Who doesn’t want fresh “new” furniture in their home?!

The Importance of Getting Your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

Schedule a Professional Upholstery Cleaning In Fresno, CA

With Central Valley Carpet Cleaning, you have the opportunity to get your upholstery cleaned at an affordable cost. We use a unique process that is similar to our carpet cleaning method to deep clean nearly any type of furniture.

From sofas to loveseats, we clean it all with our upholstery cleaning in Fresno, California! Give us a call or contact us online to take advantage of our upholstery cleaning service today.

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