Families often wait to get a professional upholstery cleaning in Clovis, CA until their couch or other upholstery has stains or becomes very apparently dirty. However, your upholstery is great at hiding microscopic particles that can make your couch dirty and put your family at risk of getting sick. Here are just a few types of particles that are making your couch dirty!

1. Allergens and Dust

Dust mites tend to hide in the fibers of your upholstery, and they’ll shed their skin and leave feces there. Other types of allergens like pollen and pet dander also collect on the surface and fiber of your couch. When these types of particles are inhaled, they can trigger allergies and asthma.

2. Body Oil and Grease

Did you know that our skin produces body oils that are easily transferred from clothing to couches to other surfaces? Over the years, your body oils can cause upholstery discoloration, especially in areas like armrests or headrests. If you have soft furniture near your kitchen, oils from cooking are released into the air, where they then settle on your furniture. Our upholstery cleaning in Clovis, CA can help remove these stubborn grease particles from your furniture!

3 types of particles that are making your couch dirty

3. Germs

If you’ve ever let your kids lay on the couch after school or let your pet sit on your couch after playing outside, then your couch may be crawling with germs! The build-up of germs and bacteria on the surface of your couch can potentially get your family sick, especially if it hasn’t sanitized properly.

Upholstery Cleaning in Clovis, California

If thinking about all these particles made you second guess how clean your couch is, don’t hesitate to book an upholstery cleaning in Clovis with Central Valley Carpet Cleaning. As your local upholstery cleaners, we take pride in our business and our customers love the many benefits of choosing our business. From sofas to ottomans, we clean it all!

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