Many customers that run offices, restaurants, schools, and other commercial spaces ask what they need to do to prepare for a commercial carpet cleaning in Fresno, CA. While we take care of transporting our equipment and the cleaning process, we do expect our customers to do a few things to ensure our process runs smoothly. Here are some things we ask that you do to prepare your workspace for us!

Move Large Furniture

While heavy furniture pieces like file cabinets or large bookcases can remain on the carpets, light-weight or easily movable pieces of furniture like desks or office chairs should be moved before we arrive. This helps our technicians to clean your carpets without having anything in the way. It also helps eliminate the risk of accidents involving our technicians tripping or your furniture being accidentally damaged.

Check for Stains

Before our technicians arrive, you should perform a thorough walk-through of your carpet and note any areas where there are stains or traffic patterns. You can point these areas out to us, and we will pay special attention to treating them during our cleaning process.

Declutter the Space

Once you’re done moving furniture and inspecting your carpet, we recommend decluttering your workspace. You don’t have to do a deep decluttering and organizing session, but you should pick up trash, paper, decorations, or other items that could potentially be in the way. This will also help your space look cleaner once we are done with your commercial carpet cleaning in Fresno, CA!

Ready for a Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Fresno, CA?

We are so glad to be your top choice for commercial carpet cleaning in Fresno, CA and we look forward to serving your business.

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