Tile Cleaning in Clovis, CA

Tile and stone can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, especially in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. These contaminants have the potential to make your family and pets very sick. That’s why it’s crucial to do everything you can to cut down on the spread of bacteria in this area.

While regular sweeping and mopping are helpful for regular maintenance, these methods don’t deliver the deep tile and grout cleaning that your floors really need. Our tile cleaning in Clovis, CA not only helps your tile get shiny and clean, but it also helps your family avoid harmful contaminants!

Time to Clean Your
Tile & Grout

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How Do I Keep My Tile in Good Condition?

We know our customers love their tile floors; it’s easier to clean up spills, it’s long-lasting, and it looks nice! Despite tile being a go-to choice of flooring for many homeowners, tile flooring needs to be well-maintained to last long and look clean.

We recommend regularly cleaning your tile, preventing damage from pets, and protecting heavily frequented areas with furniture. For a more extensive look at keeping your tile in good shape, check out this blog post. When your tile does get dirty and needs a thorough cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for tile cleaning in Clovis, CA!

Our Effective Tile Cleaning Process

For tile cleaning in Clovis, CA, we deep clean the porous surfaces of your tile, grout, and stone to remove bacteria, grime, and dirt. Our process restores the appearance of your tile, while also extending the life of your tile surfaces.

Our technicians only use safe and advanced cleaning solutions and unique deep-cleaning equipment to remove the contaminant build-up. Our trained Central Valley Carpet Cleaning tile cleaners take their time to complete this thorough cleaning process. We look forward to getting your tile cleaner than ever before!

Tile Cleaning Results that Matter

Whether it’s for your home or business, Central Valley Carpet Cleaning knows how to get you the tile cleaning results you need. When it comes to effective and efficient tile cleaning in Clovis, CA, you can’t go wrong with us!

Whether your tile is indoor or outdoor, we clean it the right way. Book an appointment today if you are ready to give your tile the best cleaning ever!

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Alex S.


The guys totally rock! I love the work they did on the tiles on my back patio. Absolutely delightful people to invite into your home to clean it. Will never use anybody else again. 

Cory M.


Fantastic cleaning company with excellent customer service. They really know what they’re doing.

Gary O.


Wow these guys are good! My tiles are shining like never before. They showed up when they said they were going to show up and got the job done right. What more could you ask for in any company?

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