Regularly Clean Your Tile

Although it may seem obvious, regularly cleaning your tile floors helps preserve them! The weekly build-up of dust and dirt can get in the pores of your tile and make it look less shiny. We advise sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping your tile once a week. Always avoid bleach, ammonia, and oil-based DIY or storebought tile cleaning solutions and use a microfiber or nonabrasive tile cleaning mop!

Prevent Damage from Pets

Dog, cats, and other types of pets can take a toll on your tile flooring— their nails scratch the tile, their hair and dander builds up, and their smelly urine accidents seep into the grout. To prevent this damage, routinely trim the nails of your pets and immediately clean up their urine accidents. Keeping your floors vacuumed also helps remove the hair and dander that accumulates on your flooring.

Protect Heavily Frequented Areas and Spaces with Furniture

Heavily frequented areas in your home include the entryway, hallways, near bathroom vanities and showers, and by the kitchen sink. If you have tile in these areas, be sure to place rugs or mats near them for added protection to keep scratches, dirt particles, and spills from coming in contact with your tile.

How to Keep Your Tile in Good ShapeYou also need to protect your tile flooring from furniture, specifically the legs of tables, chairs, and couches. We recommend using furniture pads on the bottom of the legs to prevent any scratches!

Get a Professional Tile Cleaning in Fresno

While regular sweeping and mopping are helpful for regular tile maintenance, those don’t deliver the deep tile and grout cleaning that your floors really need every so often. And that’s where Central Valley Carpet Cleaning comes in!

Our specialized tile cleaning in Fresno, CA is here to protect you and your family from the harmful bacteria that live on the surface and crevices of the tile in your home.

Whether your tile is indoor or outdoor, we clean it the right way. Schedule an appointment today for tile cleaning in Fresno and give your floors the best cleanings it’s ever experienced!

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