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Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Clovis, CA

At Central Valley Carpet Cleaning, your upholstered furniture can finally be professionally cleaned at an affordable cost! We use a unique cleaning process that is similar to our carpet cleaning method to deep clean nearly any type of upholstered furniture. From office chairs to large sectionals, our upholstery cleaning in Clovis, CA will refresh the look and smell of your furniture.

Over the years, your furniture collects large amounts of bacteria, oil, dirt, and dust from being used on a daily basis. Some pieces of furniture are even dirtier than your carpet! With our upholstery cleaning in Clovis, CA, you’ll be able to feel comfortable lounging on your couch or sofa!

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Why Does My Furniture Need a Professional Upholstery Cleaning?

No matter what type of furniture you have in your home, it is going to get dirty. Your family, kids, and pets probably use your couch every day to watch TV, taking a nap, or even eat food. With these activities happening on a daily basis, it’s inevitable that food crumbs, skin particles, grease, and more will end up on the surface of your upholstery and underneath the fabric fibers.

While your furniture may not look dirty on the outside, all these particles are working together to contaminate your couch. If left unclean, small mites and bugs can infest your upholstery and cause allergies and other issues. It’s safer to keep your furniture clean with an upholstery cleaning in Clovis, CA than to deal with unwanted critters in your home!

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Why Use Central Valley Carpet Cleaning for Upholstery Cleaning in Clovis, CA?

If you’re needing an upholstery cleaning in Clovis, CA, or the surrounding areas, you may be questioning what makes us different from other cleaners in the area. As your local upholstery cleaners, we take great pride in our business and our customers love the many benefits of choosing our cleaning business.

Besides providing safe cleaning solutions and exceptional customer service, we also offer fast dry times, flexible scheduling, and affordable prices. Give us a call at (559) 558-6800 to schedule your upholstery cleaning in Clovis, CA today. If you’re not quite ready to book an appointment, request a free price quote!

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I really appreciate good customer service and, a job well done. Thank you Central Valley carpet cleaners. Not only did you do an excellent job. You did with a smile and made sure I was happy. Can’t say it enough thanks for a job well done.

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