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VCT is an extremely popular choice of flooring for many commercial businesses like grocery stores, airports, and hospitals because of its durability. But, no matter how durable a surface is, it’s bound to get dirty. If you’ve had VCT in your business for several years, you’ve probably noticed that this flooring has accumulated scuffs, dirt, and lost its original shine and wax coating. Keeping your VCT clean is the best way to extend the durability of this type of flooring.

At Central Valley Carpet Cleaning, we offer professional vinyl composition tile cleaning in Fresno, CA for various types of businesses. Our process involves removing the original wax coating, deep cleaning the floors, and applying a new protective coating. With us, you can keep your business looking professional for years to come!

Benefits of Professional VCT Cleaning

Some business owners are concerned that professionally cleaning the floors they’ve had installed for years will cause damage and hurt their budget. With us, you never have to worry about these things. Our process is safe, affordable, and protects your VCT from future damage. Here are several additional benefits of using our vinyl composition tile cleaning in Fresno:


Improves the appearance of your floors


Removes bacteria from the surface of your floors


Increases the durability of your floors

Get Your VCT Cleaned Today

Call Central Valley Carpet Cleaning at (559) 558-6800 for vinyl composition tile cleaning in Fresno, CA or contact us online.

airport floors after a vinyl composition tile cleaning fresno ca

Enhance the Appearance of Your Facility

Something as simple as a VCT cleaning can dramatically enhance the appearance of your business. Your shiny “new” flooring is sure to make a positive impression on those who step foot into your business. Let us help you keep your VCT clean, and give us a call today! We provide vinyl composition tile cleaning in Fresno, CA.


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