Nothing is more frustrating than a rainy day after washing your car. The same goes for carpets; it would be a shame to spill red wine on your freshly cleaned carpets the day after your carpet cleaning service! We get one common question: “What can I do after/between visits to keep my carpets extra clean?” There are several answers to this question, but we want to give you our personal opinion to best help you!

Let carpet fully dry!

Sometimes after a carpet cleaning visit, the carpets will be fairly damp, but nothing excessive or worrisome. The average dry time is anywhere from two to three hours. Allowing your carpet to dry fully will leave the best looking and smelling results! If any dirt or gunk gets caught in the damp carpet, the drying process will lock that dirt and stains into the fibers of your carpet. This will make it much harder to get any crusty dirt or dried stains out of your carpet!

Get carpet protectant applied

There are a number of different carpet protectants you can find online and in stores, we suggest that you ask your carpet cleaning professional (us) their opinion on which ones to use and how to apply them! This can be a cost-efficient way to add an extra layer of protection to your carpets!

Vacuum consistently

Keeping your carpets clean and free from excessive dirt or crumbs will help ensure healthy carpets. Leaving gunk in your carpet will allow bacteria or bugs to get in and enjoy a free snack! We have all had that experience – it is much easier to prevent than to fix! Vacuuming consistently keeps any dropped crumbs or dirt from sitting on/in the carpet for extended periods of time.


Be smart!

This is a simple, yet easily ignored step. For instance, red wine in the kitchen is good, but, red wine in the living room by a nice warm fire on your freshly cleaned carpets seems so much more enjoyable! This is where spillage and other stains easily occur! The glass of wine tips over and we are right back to square one – be smart! If your snack crumbs fall on the floor – vacuum. If your pet takes care of its business – clean up after the pet quickly! It’s simple, be smart!


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