Have you been in your bathroom or kitchen recently and noticed your tile and grout looking discolored? This can be frustrating for many people, especially those who clean and mop their tile floors regularly. As the local provider for tile cleaning in Fresno, CA, we’ve seen tile in all sorts of conditions, and we can assure you that you are not alone in dealing with tile and grout discoloration. What causes discoloration might surprise you, keep reading to find out what it is!

What causes discolored tile and grout?

Many people assume that dirty-looking grout and tile are simply caused by dirt, spills, and other accidents that happen on a normal basis. This often causes people to clean their floors even more. While dirt is a small reason why discoloration happens, overcleaning is actually the main cause of a lot of grout discoloration.

It’s true, the most common cause of discolored grout is actually caused by grime that is attracted to the sticky residue left behind in the cleaning process. Grout surfaces are extremely porous, and because they’re set lower than tile, this is the ideal spot for residue and dirt to settle. The more you clean it, the more sticky residue builds up and the worse discoloration gets! But don’t worry, there are ways to prevent this, and our tile cleaning in Fresno, CA is here to help.

How to Fix it

Instead of overcleaning your tile and grout surfaces, you should regularly utilize professional tile cleaning in Fresno, CA. Our tile cleaning process at Central Valley Carpet Cleaning deep cleans the inside of the porous surfaces of your tile, grout, and stone to remove bacteria, grime, and dirt. This will restore the appearance of your floors, while also helping to extend the life of your grout and tile surfaces. Our technicians only use safe and advanced cleaning solutions and unique deep-cleaning equipment to remove the dirt build-up.

Tile Cleaning in Fresno, CA

With our professional tile cleaning in Fresno, CA, your tile and grout can finally be cleaned and restored without you having to worry about discoloration. Whether it’s for your home or business, Central Valley Carpet Cleaning knows how to get you the results you need!

Book a tile cleaning in Fresno, CA today with Central Valley Carpet Cleaning!

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